Aquacarium Cichlid Flakes


Have a tank full of hungry cichlids? Please give our Cichlid Flakes a try. It has everything your cichlids need. Aquacarium Cichlid Flakes are a perfectly balanced cichlid flake. A good choice for a mixed cichlid tank because our Cichlid Flakes are a blend of our two most popular flakes…Seafood Color Flakes and Veggie Flakes. This will give your cichlids a great color boost and provide some added veggies to their diet.

The Natural Choice with No Artificial Coloring or Preservatives. We have removed all the fillers, artificial coloring and preservatives from all our foods.


Available in four sizes: 3oz, 6oz, 12oz, 2lbs

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  • Salmon Fish Meal, Soy Flour, Brewers Yeast, Krill, Plankton, Pea Powder, Spirulina, Seaweed, Brine Shrimp, Red Shrimp, Celery, Carrots, Squash, Spinach, Broccoli, Sweet Potato, Tomato, Vegetable Oils Lecithin, Garlic Powder
  • Vitamin Supplements: A, D-3, B1, B-12, Choline HCL, Biotin, Double Stabilized Vitamin “C”, Methionine, No Preservatives, No Coloring

Guaranteed Analysis

  • 40% Protein 4% Fat 7% Fiber 8% Moisture