The Fish4Kids Campaign is a grassroots program that will provide aquariums and fish to children with autism or other developmental disability. Your donations will go to covering the cost of all our licensing and tax exemption costs; the costs of leasing and building out our storefront and breeding facilities; and to being able to purchase up to 100 aquarium bundles which will go directly to our children. Please support our honorable cause by making a donation today. We offer many avenues for you to do so... GoFundMe is fee free for us, so consider using the link below to make your donations.

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Licensing Fee's

Breeding Program

These donations will be used to pay for all our business license requirements; as well as, pay for the filing of our IRS 501(c)3 tax exemption status application.

These donations will be used to pay for all the equipment we'll need to breed and house our fish and it will pay for our initial livestock. These donations will also pay on our storefront lease and pay for all the needed utilities for the first several months.

Fish4Kids Campaign

These donations will be used to purchase all the aquariums and included hardware that we''ll be giving to qualified children. The goal of this campaign is the amount we'll need to sponsor a total of one-hundred autistic children.