Sometimes fish die. Fish are very temperamental creatures, any change to their environment could cause them to become stress and die. We try to teach our kids this fact and hopefully how, with proper care, they may be able to prevent the loss of their little friend; however, sometimes, there is just nothing we can do.

We don't want our kids to become discouraged when a fish passes away, so we will replace any fish that dies as long as the child qualifies for the program and so long as the death isn't from repeated neglect or disinterest of the child.

Children, simply bring in the dead fish, along with about a cup of tank water inside a ziploc bag and we'll test the water to try and determine the fishes demise and if we can, we'll try to educate the child on how to maybe prevent another death in the future. Children then can select a new fish and once they have shown us that their tank is properly cycled once again, they can take their new fish home.