Our Betta breeding center will feature upwards of 32 distinct IBC-certified male and female Betta’s.

We will be able to breed six different pairs of Betta’s and grow their spawns out in six grow out tanks; a total of twelve 10-gallon aquariums. Each breeding tank and each grow-out tank will include a sponge filter in addition to using the fluidized sump filtration and drip system.

The holding barracks will be able to hold approximately 96 three-inch Betta cups; these cups are used to house the aggressive males. The display barracks are located in another area of the store.

A fluidized bio media sump will be used to keep the water clean. All tanks are plumbed to the sump with drip-fill tubing used to slowly change the individual tanks/cups water.

Two hospital tanks will sit on either side of the sump. These tanks are filled via the drip fill system, but do NOT drain back into the sump. They too have sponge filters.