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The Fish4Kids Foundation is a non-profit organization which was founded on the principle that fish make great support animals to children with autism and whom have other developmental disabilities.

What we do, is breed certain fish for resale and wholesale; and as a means of supplying our  own foundation. Our mission is to give these children fully stocked aquariums to help support their special needs and introduce them to the fish keeping hobby.

We will be breeding a number of fish species to be sold to local and regional fish stores as well as to retail customers; the main species being show quality IBC-certified Betta fish as well as Fancy Goldfish. These are the same aquatic life we will give to qualified children for their new aquarium. Other species of fish that we will breed will be certain types of Tetra's, Gourami's, Angel Fish, Barb's, Killifish, Cichlid's, Cory Catfish, Pleco's, Guppies, Snails and Shrimp; to name just a few.  We will also be breeding Axolotl's for our program.

Once old enough, we place all our fish into two categories; 'Common' and 'Choice'. Choice fish are offered to our children and to high-end fish buyers; while the Common (the type available in most fish stores) are sold to walk-in and online retail customers as well as local and regional pet stores. The profits from fish sales goes directly to expanding our Fish4Kids program. We are NOT a "fish farm"; we are a responsible, humane, small batch fish breeder and reseller.

Our short-term goal for this organization is establish a breeding and showroom location and begin breeding the fish that we will need to support the program mission. It is our greatest hope to be able to donate 100 aquariums to children by the end of 2018.


  1. Children must qualify for the program; then after being approved, they must attend our CARE classes and learn how to properly take care of their fish.
  2. After taking the classes; only then are children given their tanks. Children are required to setup and establish their aquariums with a small school of White Cloud Minnow's for six weeks before they will be allowed to finally bring their new friends home. This help's cycle the tank and shows that the child has the ability to care for their new fish's needs.
  3. Children will pick out their fish the day they are given their tanks. The fish shall be separated from the other fish and placed into a temporary holding and display tank; children are highly encouraged to visit the store often to care for their fish on their own and to further their understanding of and interest in the aquarium hobby. After six weeks of tank cycling, they can bring their new little fishes home.



We are seeking 501(c)3 status, but currently
we are not a tax exempt organization.

If you're interested; you can donate either via our crowdfunding campaigns or using PayPal.

100% (minus fee's to the processor) goes towards the launch of Fish4Kids.